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Hey, I have always wanted to become a field technician for virgin media so when I saw that they were recruiting in my city I was quite excited. I had a friend who recently applied for the same position and after he filled in the online questionnaire, within 5 minutes he received an automated email saying he had failed in his application. I am really interested in this job and would like if anyone who has either passed them or has any good advice that would be great.

1 - You overhear a colleague talking to a customer on the phone. He is providing a long and overly detailed explanation and you know that the advice he is giving the customer is incorrect.

2 - You have been scheduled to visit a house to solve a broadband problem. When you arrive at the property the elderly lady who lives there tells you that she is very upset as she is going to be without her phone for 2 weeks. The telephone issue is unrelated to the broadband problem that you have been scheduled to fix. She explains that she has decided to move her phone from Virgin Media to another provider, and the new provider is unable to provide a continuous service. She is very worried about this as she won’t be able to contact anyone by phone for 2 weeks.

3 - You have recently joined Virgin Media and are attending an induction course. The course is taking place in a training room and there is a lot of information to learn. However, a colleague who is sitting next to you keeps trying to distract you by talking about their plans for the weekend. As a result you are finding it difficult to concentrate.

4 - you are at a customer’s house repairing a relatively straight-forward problem with their broadband. The customer has a young child, who is very sweet, and keeps coming to talk to you. They keep trying to look in your tool box, and you are finding it a bit distracting.

5- You have been informed that another department is extremely busy and has requested help. As a result you have been asked to move department for one week to help out. This is the first time you have been asked to do this and you don’t know what it will be like. You have been informed that on the whole you will be doing the same tasks, but there may be some differences compared to what you are used to.

6- You arrive at a customer’s house during the afternoon but there’s no answer when you ring the door bell. Luckily they answer when you phone them on their mobile phone, but they advise you that they were expecting a visit this morning, and they’re now out for the next 30 minutes. They promise they will be back in 30 minutes and ask if you would be willing to wait for them. You have a busy schedule for the rest of the afternoon.

7- You have just had a one-to-one meeting with your line manager. You have been told that you are doing well and meeting your targets. However, you have also been told that you could improve your attention to detail as you have made occasional errors on a form you are required to complete. You are aware that others make similar errors as it is a complicated and confusing form.

8 -You started the day this morning with a 7am meeting with the rest of your team. It is now 3.30pm and you have had a relatively straight-forward day with no complications. Although you are still at your last job you will be finished very soon and will have approximately 30 minutes to spare before you are scheduled to finish your shift this afternoon.

9- You are talking to a customer and they start telling you about an article they have read in a newspaper that day which has criticised Virgin Media. You know that the customer has got confused and the article was about a competitor organisation not Virgin Media.

10- You arrive at a customer’s house to repair a fault with their cable TV. Before arriving at the house you notice the customer has the basic set-top box for their TV. On arriving you also notice that the customer seems to be very interested in golf as there are photos and trophies relating to golf in the room where you are working. You know that if he had the upgraded set-top box he would be able to record golf tournaments. The customer is reading the paper and when you try to engage him in conversation he gives a one word response and carries on reading. If you up-sell products you will increase your bonus.

11- It is half an hour before you are due to finish work. You have a bad headache and have had a very busy day. You have just had a very difficult conversation with a customer who was being unreasonable and very rude to you. You are due to have a conversation with another customer immediately

12- You are talking to a customer who has difficulty speaking English. The conversation is going very badly as you are having difficulty understanding what they are saying and you keep having to ask the customer to repeat things. You have already asked the customer to slow down but it has made no difference.

13- You are in a team meeting with your line manager and the rest of your team. Your line manager tells everyone that there is going to be a change to the working hours and starts to explain the changes. You are not happy about this as you don’t think it will fit in with your personal life. A few of your colleagues have started to interrupt your manager to complain about the change and you suspect that other team members have similar concerns and thoughts.

14- Everyone in your department has been sent an email requesting volunteers to work on a project. In the email there is no mention of any targets, however the email states that 6 volunteers will be needed and anyone who is interested should reply as soon as possible. In your current role you always meet your targets which means that you have a good performance record.

15- You work with a team member who no-one seems to get on with. He is always moaning and seems to be very fed up. His negative comments are having an effect on team morale and team spirit.

Thank you for any responses.
Asked Apr 27, 2014

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