I'm a girl and I'm not sure if another girl likes me back?

So I'm lesbian and I really like this girl in my class (we're 14) and I'm not sure if she's into girls and if she likes me. I've gotten closer to her and now we are friends. She barely texts so it's hard to keep in contact with her but I told her recently about my sexuality over text. She didn't believe me at first but I think she does now. But because she doesn't text anyone that much she has barely said anything to me after I told her apart from she supports me and she won't tell anyone.

She's really playful and always rubs her legs on mine and sits on my lap and wraps her arms around my neck (this was before I told her. I'm on holidays right now and I'm not sure if she will act differently now she knows)

She told me she was going to tell me a secret but she never did and I asked her why not and she said it was too secret and I'm wondering maybe that could be a secret about her sexuality. She's so confusing because she will rub her legs on mine and look at my lips and then other times when I talk to her she will push me away and act as though she doesn't want to talk. ARGH! IM SO CONFUSED! Lol.

Thanks for your help :)
Asked Apr 26, 2014
There could be a possibility that she does feel the same way about you. But at the same time, she might just be a touchy kind of person.

About her secret, I wouldn't bug her anymore about it. Just kind of subtly flirt with her and you might get it out of her when she feels comfortable enough to tell you. Especially if it is regarding her sexuality.
Answered Apr 26, 2014

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