Should I adopt a dog or a cat?

I can't choose. Should I adopt a cat or a dog ? There are 50+ dogs and 240+ cats. Should I adopt the cute black cat or the cute old dog ? I would adopt one of them if we moved already.
Asked Apr 25, 2014
Edited Apr 25, 2014
I have a dog and cat. I like my cat a little better. I think it's because my dog is a Chihuahua, and she barks and whines on the most high pitched sounds. She gets fleas a LOT more than my cat, and she wants out just about once every five minutes. She may be better if she were a bigger dog, but not all little ones are like mine. Same with cats

My cat isn't your typical cat. She LOVES people she's actually very friendly, but she's the laziest thing you ever say, and she won't come when aI call her half the time. She also doesn't really give a garb about anything, two. I could chase her around the yard or dumb some water on her, she doesn't hate me. She'll come rubbing up against me like nothing ever happens. There's just one thing about both my animals. The cat likes dog food, and she drools. The dog likes cat food, and she humps the cat...

My animals are backwards, so not every dog and cat is stereotypical. A cat is easier to take car of, I think, but dogs can be more fun and playful. Okay, I'm gonna go now, my dog wants out!
Answered Apr 26, 2014
Edited Apr 26, 2014
Hahaha XD , Thanks for answering. I think I'm gonna go with the black cat. Thank you !!
It depends are you active or not
Answered Apr 25, 2014
I reckon maybe a cat
rcr12 Apr 26, 2014
I am and I'm not :). What I mean by that is if it comes to dogs I would do ANYTHING just for them to be happy :) and I'm not active if the animal itself is not so it really depends on the animal I'm getting :)
If those are your choices a (black cat n a old dog) I would go with the cat. Why you ask the dog is old as soon as you get attached boom 5 yrs dog dead and start right back here and get the cat.
Answered Apr 25, 2014
Thanks. I'm gonna get the black cat !
-need lots of attention
-have to go outside regularly
-need to be groomed regarly
- Can usually do wo tons of attention.
-rule you (lol)
- Use a litter box
-jump on things

Answered Apr 26, 2014
Thank you for answering ya all !. I'm gonna go with the black cat :).
To adopt a dog or a cat is a very different thing, dogs are cute, loyal and need proper grooming where the cat is not dependent on you. But if you adopt any of them, prepare yourself for a new member in the house and keep in touch with a pet groomer for tips. You can also get pet care tips online such as dog shake hand training, sitting and potty outside and many more.
Answered Apr 10, 2015
It depends really on your preference. There will always be cat people and dog people. In some cases, there are both cat and dog people. You need to ask these questions:

Which is more affordable as a pet - a cat or a dog?
You are more attracted to a cat or a dog?
Which pet gives you more joy and quality time?
Answered Mar 02, 2016
The cute black cat. Not that I'm biased towards cats but I find cats more endearing. Also, when they purr they are good in reducing high blood pressure in humans.
Answered Mar 02, 2016

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