Catch a guys attention w/ a text message

Ok this may seem stupid, but I could use some ideas. I have this guy in my life but we're not official. We're together but not together if that makes sense (he says your mine, can't wait to see you to me, things like that). Anyway, what I want is to catch his eye & hopefully make it so I'm on his mind. I don't want to send pics at this time so please don't suggest that. I don't think I want full on sexting either I don't think, like I said before, something that will catch his eye, maybe keep me on his mind & possibly make him smile. And at the moment I'm 19, so maybe keep that in mind & another thing is, me & him are not in the same state anymore ( I had to move very fast, but he's still there). We already planning on seeing each other this summer but I still wanna talk to him before then. So any ideas would help, thanks in advance.
Asked Apr 24, 2014
The next time you are together be wearing a dress and high heels, and see his face when you meet.
tough1 May 05, 2014
Maybe tell him what you are wearing, it wouldn't be sexting but at the same time get him thinking visually about you. Like tell him about how much you love a piece you are wearing and ask him what kinds of things he thinks look good on you? ;) Also sharing positive things about your day or something you admire about him will uplift him and make him think you are really cool. :) Hope that helps?
Answered May 02, 2014

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