Which philosopher tried to forget everything he had learned to really discover what is "real?"

My college philosophy professor told us about an individual who tried to determine what was real by trying to forget everything he had ever been taught. The individual concluded that God existed because he did not need any outside influences to think that He existed.
Asked Apr 22, 2014
Descartes did.

Although his "finding" that god exists is rather ridiculous/funny.
The dude went:
God exists in our head as an idea
the God idea corresponds to the maxim perfection
but an idea corresponding to an existing God is more perfect than an idea
about a non existent God isn't that right?
Well. As the God idea is the about the maxim perfection, it's existent.
If it wasn't, it wouldn't be the maxim perfection so it wouldn't be God.

In fact he said something like
"If you don't believe in God that's because you don't understand the God idea"

all this is a big piece of bullshit but, meh, let's make the future grown people study it or be considered idiots, why not!!...

But the good newness in this guy's theories was the fact that he tried to filter what was truth and what wasn't, and then get consistent knowledge basing on it. I mean, if you are studing philosophy you probably know agnosticism;
that people were a bunch of people who didn't trust the human mind for knowing how the world works and they were like "stop trying to think it out poor mortals, it's impossible to find it out!!"; but Descartes, knowing that humans do eventually go wrong, tried to get out the hole in a undeniable way so agnosticists couldn't even think that what he said was wrong.

The pearl on Descartes' phylosophy was his first conclusion.
"I think, thefore I exist"
This went on when Descartes was doubting about every basic idea crossing his mind and noticed that he was doubting. No doubt that he was doubting.
And doubting is a kind of thinking so he was thinking, and a thinking being, can't be innexistent. So he discovered that he existed.

This isn't so useful anyway but at least it's logical and true.
Answered Apr 22, 2014
Edited Apr 22, 2014

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