Am I a bad person? Pleeeeeeeease help!

Im 16 and have been in a few bad relationships and now im in the first relationship I feel is real and gunna last for a long time. Well I have been dating my girlfriend or nearly 2 months now and although it is long distance I really feel like I love her but every now and then I end up talking dirty to my ex girlfriend (also long distance) I don't mean it it's just like she is a weakness and she can just make it happen when ever she wants, I really do love my girlfriend and I never want to hurt her but this happens every so often and I don't know if I'm a bad person for it or not:(
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 21, 2014
No ur not a bad person, u never touched her, and it doesn't sound u would ever act on it. But I think u should tell ur girlfriend that ur ex doesn't stop texting you (she probably beat the shit out of her). Or just tell ur ex that its over, you're done, delete her number, never talk to her again. Just be dirty with ur girlfriend (if u want to idk ur relation) and spend more time with her, u will forget about ur ex I promise
Answered Apr 21, 2014
This question was me dunno wby it's anon but yr right I would never act on it cus I really do love my girlfriend but I'm also really good friends with my ex and I don't want to just forget her and if I tell my girlfriend ill loose her for sure plus she says she's not ready for anythin dirty so I respect that and iv come to terms with waiting how ever long I have to
Lb227 Apr 21, 2014

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