Should I tell my parents I watch anime

so like I watch anime have been like forever and ive come to the habit of when my parents look over my screen I switch tabs to google plus or something (mostly google or new tab) im afraid theyĺl make me stop watching it but I love watching s
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Asked Apr 20, 2014
Edited May 26, 2014
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Raani May 21, 2014
Whats wrong with watching anime?!?!?! Sure if your like 9 and some have bad words! Then you definetaly should stop. If your 12-13 then you should already-

WARNING! DO NOT READ IF YOUR YOUNGER THAN 13!!! seriously if your yonger its not gonna 1) make sense and 2) your life will be ruined. Trust me.

already- know what sex is, thus the bad words don't really have an effect on you! The only bad parts of anime I've seen in experience is 1) Getting addicted 2) Comparing your life with the hero or a character, which will end up doing bad stuff 3) Falling in love with one of the characters, like me! 4) Time consuming. Like One Piece, I've waisted 216 hours watching that anime!!!

Other than these 4 bad stuff I don't see why your parents won't let you watch anime! One episode per day isn't that much....

P.S. if your parents are aliens and your an alien too and its bad to watch stuff made by us Humans then heres a Humanly advise; don't open a new tab when your parents (alien) look because they will suspect something, try keeping a webpage open like Youtube with a video, watch the video half way (or just skip) and open the bottom comment section and when they look, open that tab and start typing a comment or pretend to read and stuff!

Also, (if your alien) we Humans have super weapons and will invade your alien planet in the year 2020!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Also ( if your human) you know thats not true........

Answered Apr 21, 2014
Ugh...geez. I'm 12. I know what sex is. I've been watching anime since I was 8...chill out. Kids know more now than people think. Alot of us curse, get addicted to stuff, fall in love, ect. It's not terrible. In middle school, people discover alot more. Idk why people think we're all so very innocent. To be honest, I may have the maturity of a young adult. Alot of us do. Alot. Treat us equally, and don't be afraid to curse around us. We weren't born yesterday (more like a decade ago).
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Answered May 12, 2014
I was wrong with my previouse answer
you should tell them. It makes things easier.
1. If they think anime is weird or childish just show them some epic moments.
2 If they think anime is porn you may need to have a long conversation with them. Then do 1.
3. If they don't know what anime is then explain them what it is.
4. If you try to suddely say it then it will be extremely tempting to give up or change the subject. So I find if you just say "I watch anime." then it kind of forces you to explain (this works great.)
I know all this because I told every family member of mine at different times. So I have experience
Answered Jan 20, 2016
Edited Mar 09, 2016

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