Is it good to have sex at 15-18 years?

i mean if I step into relationship I like to do sex with my bf!! I didn't did anytime! I don't know what is the right age to but i'm really wishing to do! I know that this problem comes to everyteen but if u say the advantages and disadvantages and which age is right? or else can I do it now?? plz give me the advice!! i'll definitely follow if its right,, even if its hard to do!! plzz say me.. i'm 16 in this july and i'm a girl! I love to do....!!
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Asked Apr 19, 2014

The disadvantages are that you can get pregnant and for a young lady that can cause many more problems. Not being able to provide for the child. Dropping out of school so you can't get a good job. Stuff like that.
The advantages could be to get that sexual active desire out of you. Although, you may crave if after awhile depending on your hormone level.
And there is a 50/50% chance it could ruin the relationship or could bring you closer.
I personally believe that sex is for marriage to reproduce. However, it's not really a "bad" thing to do it if you have been with this person for over two years. The first two years of a relationship is still "puppy-love" and could be a mistake. But I think if you've been with the person for awhile you'll be okay. Just remember to be safe and use protection! Protection will not keep you from getting pregnant 100% but it will definitely help the odds of not having a child. I would also strongly suggest to talk about it first. I mean I understand you want this thing to happen in the "right time" right? Talk about it ahead of time. Don't say "Oh tonight let's hang and bang" More like protection providence, any type of diseases one may have (which I hope at this young they wouldn't, but you never really know) before you go into having sex. Also, not sure if it's your first time, but if it is I would say be yourself and be confident. If you just act like you know what you're doing it'll be okay, not as awkward, and you'll get the hang of it easier. Be safe and have fun ^-^
Answered Apr 19, 2014
Edited Apr 19, 2014

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