Oh godd- I smoked whats going to happen to me?!

hi im a 10 year old girl, and today I get reaallly stressed, and I remember reading an article that smoking releases stress or something? so I tryed it out and now regret is towering me....i dont feel the need for more but im wondering whats going to happen with my health?
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Asked Apr 19, 2014
Smoking once won't hurt you, it's the addiction to it that'll hurt you. If you do it more than it'll hurt you, but don't worry if you only smoked once. Just don't do it anymore alright? I'm here if you're stressed and need help again, please just don't hurt yourself
Answered Apr 19, 2014
If this wuz the 1st time u've smoked 1, then it won't hurt. Tho, it'll hurt u if u do it 4 a LOOOOOOOONG AMOUNT OF TIME. Just DO NOT get addicted 2 smoking:)
Answered Apr 19, 2014
U smoked once, no big deal
Answered Apr 19, 2014
One time smoking will not pose any sort of problems to you. Just make sure you do not get addicted towards it. In case any of your friend is too much addicted and you want to help him/her, try smoking cessation drugs and medicines.

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Answered May 29, 2014
Smoking is an addiction. One time smoking doesn't cause any health issues. You just don't make habit of smoking. I would recommend you to don't smoke anymore.
Answered Jun 05, 2014
There is no harm, if you have smoked once. But don't make it your habit. Do you have any idea how malefic smoking is? It leads to various types of cancers. Even if any member of your family use to smoke tell them to quit. Suggest them to use e cigarettes or herbal incense. These are quite effective in quitting smoking. For more information about such products check out
Answered Sep 08, 2014
Well, Smoking does NOT get rid of stress. Apparently, each time you smoke, you lose approximately 6 minutes of your life (scientifically proven). Smoking once won't hurt you, but it is a horrible thing, so PLEASE don't get addicted to it. ♥
Answered Oct 25, 2014

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