Does this paragraph sound like it's stated correctly?

I feel like there's something wrong with this paragraph in the story I'm writing. Maybe it's too corny...or unrealistic? Maybe just not presented as well as it can be as far as wording and grammar goes? I don't know. Let me know what you think. Basically what happened, is my two main characters are in love, but both have pained pasts, and they've both also found it very hard to trust people, until they came into each other's lives. They eventually got to the point of intimacy, and this is how Laura, my main character, feels afterward:

That night, everything felt right in the world. I felt more safe and more loved than than I ever had before, and for once in my life, I was truly, genuinely happy. Not merely because Mason and I made love, but because when we did, we admitted that we could trust each other completely and hold nothing back. Nothing at all.

Of course, Laura was genuinely happy with Mason prior to becoming intimate with him for the first time (neither one of them were virgins before, if you were wondering) and I feel like that paragraph doesn't give off that impression. I know it may help if you knew the whole story, but obviously I can't put that out on here. Any legitimate help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Asked Apr 18, 2014
Yeah I think it sounds fine, I think the repetition works well with that paragraph. (More safe, more loved, and then at the end where it says nothing at all). I think that compliments the paragraph but I don't see anything wrong with it ^.^
Answered Apr 18, 2014
Thank you! I just feel like I'm putting too much into it. Oh well. I haven't even gotten this far in the story yet. The words just popped into my head, and I wrote them down before I forgot. I suppose I'll just not worry about it until I get to it :)
I love it. Good job :) ;)
Answered Sep 07, 2014
Thank you!

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