You have just finished administering a food/drink questionaire? rest of question below

6. You have just finished administering a food/drink questionnaire to ill and non-ill participants in a Minnesota summer picnic party. The ill individuals developed moderate to severe diarrhea 16 to 46 hours after the picnic. Six persons experienced vomiting. The following data were collected:
Number of people Number of people
Food item Ill Not ill total A.R Ill Not ill total AR RR
Hot dogs 40 30 10 20
Hamburgers 32 8 20 40
Potato salad 45 25 15 25
Ice cream 48 12 2 38
Lemonade 20 40 20 20
N.B: A.R = Attack rate, RR is relative risk
Which food item appears to be the most probable vehicle for the salmonella (agent) infection associated with the illness? [pp. 451-452]
A. Hot dogs
B. Hamburgers
C. Potato salad
D. Ice cream
E. Lemonade
Asked Apr 15, 2014

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