How can I get sleeping pills to help my sister to stay asleep all night?

right well I need sleeping pills to put in my sister drink when she has 1 at night so then about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning I can go in her room and start having sex with her and all that so where can I get sleeping pills from help me and where can I buy latex gloves from so I can wear them when I finger her when shes on her period?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 14, 2014
Jord23... I'm supposing this is you again? Taking up space from people who really need help? People that are maybe considering suicide?

Well. Bravo. Bravo on you. you're the toughest person I've ever met. An inspiration, if you will. May our future generation be just like you <3
Answered Apr 14, 2014
move im only gonna reply to the 1s who help me and other people do this so move
jord23 Apr 14, 2014
"People who help you"
Help you with what exactly? With rape? I'm pretty sure nobody in the right mind will help you except a psychiatrist.
Oh my God jord23 you've set a troll trend good job!
Answered Apr 23, 2014

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