I'm thinking of killing my self read one if you want

Every body at school keeps calling me fat ugly annoying wierd when I don't do anything to them is it because I have ADHD I've. Been trying to ignore it but it got way to far and if I don't get any good advice I will kill myself if you think you can help go ahead and try

Ps I am a boy
Asked Apr 13, 2014
i think u should try and ingore it coming from my background im getting bullid at college I would just ingore it keep your head up high and dont let anyone put u down x
Answered Apr 13, 2014
sorry was meant to say bullied x
punch there lights out, beat them up. No adult or teacher will agree with you but they will never bother you again
Answered Mar 31, 2016
you are worth it. if you are dead people will miss you trust me, many students in my school have committed suicide and it was horrible and I didn't even know them. just keep string things get worse before they get better trust me. been there don't that. hugs xxxx
Answered Apr 21, 2016
I abuse sleeping medication (8-16 a day) because my suicide attempt failed 2 years ago, so im silently killing myself inside so noone can stop me. If people are calling you names theyre jealous of something they dont have, prove them wrong. be someone they aspire to become. Im doing this to myself simply because I do all of those you mentioned, but to myself everyday. You have the potential to change someones life, and even if its only one person in the whole world from now to your grave, just keep in mind that to that one person (even if its yourself) you made a difference and changed their life no matter how small or insignificant it may seem
Answered Apr 21, 2016
I got bullied when I was at school and tried suicide but didn't work.Suicide is not the best way because if you fail there can be serious consequences.I got called names when I was at school and when I was an alcoholic I also tried suicide but that didn't work either.Most suicide attempts don't work today and when they do try and fail and people find out about it you have to live with the shame.I showed the cuts to my dad all he said was they are not that deep so if you are expecting sympathy from bullies/friends/family that is the last thing you will get because you still have to finish school whether you try suicide or not.I got so fed up of it at school when I stuck up for myself I got suspended for swearing at teachers for giving them a piece of my mind but yet the bullies didn't get anything.Bottom line life is cruel and there are people in the world that have nothing and children starving to death that's the way you should look at it.
Answered Apr 21, 2016

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