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So I went 2 the mall 2day, I'm 13, I wuz jus walking around and literally every single UGLY, CUTE, HANDSOME, and HOT guy wuz starin at me. Whenevz I walked past some boys they turned back and checked me out. And like all the gurlz stared at me 2. They all said I wuz very beautiful and that I should kn0w that. I just thanked them with a big smile on my face:D And every person I walked pass I smiled at with a coffident smile. They all smiled back and waved 2 me like I wuz a celeb or something:D And I saw some pretty cute guyz there and I wanted 2 get their #. But the thing is, I just feel like there gonna think I'm ugly or something. Even tho they all said I wuz beautiful. I think I'm beautiful 2. I just wanna walk up 2 a cute guy, b flirty with them, then get their #. IK how 2 flirt really well, IK when 2 tell if u got the guy intrested, and everything. But I never did bc I thought I wuz gonna make a fool outa myself. DO U THINK I'M SEXY, and BEAUTIFUL AFTER U HEARD THAT??? If so, will I make a fool outa myself doin it? Answer 4 good REPUTATION SCORE and an ASWER 2 ur Q:)
Asked Apr 12, 2014
Edited Apr 12, 2014
You sound gorgeous if you got that many looks. I don't think you'd make a fool of yourself. If anything you may stun the guy. All guys when they see a beautiful girl like you to come up and talk to them. But it doesn't happen that offen. So they'll be stunned but you'll sure as hell be makin a happy man out of em. Hope this helped.
Answered Apr 12, 2014
Nathan321 ur precious:* I'll answer a Q and give u REP:)
If you attracted that many looks then most likely. I would say you should risk it and ask for a guys number. However I think you should get a guy who likes you for more then your looks. You need to know the personality of the guy you date and he should know your personality.
Answered Apr 12, 2014
I can tell by ur answer that ur very intelligent:) I'll answer ur Q and give u higher REP:)
I think u are.
Answered Apr 13, 2014
Thx:)ur too sweet:) I'll give u a better REP and I'll answer a Q:)
Yeah, if you got that many looks, you got nothing to be embarrased about. Also, can I get ur #? XD
Answered Oct 15, 2017

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