Why did an angel tell me to complete a mission in my dream?

Last night I had a dream about how some girl waved at me and smiled and smiled back at her then she walked towards me and started walking through the wall and appeared in a doorway in front of my house and I saw a bright light while she walked through it and I had a feeling she was an angel (she didnt have wings.) and I freaked out and said "omg what this isnt happening" and I just said a whole lot of stuff and I heard the girl say "i have a mission for u" .... And I woke up by my frightness and at the same time my alarm rang for school .. the dream felt so real. The girl had a colorful dress I think they kind of looked like the ones the use In the old days and she had long wavy orangish hair .. she was white and perfect teeth.
Asked Apr 11, 2014

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