Virgo girl . Scorpio guy

I am a Virgo girl, 22 years. I am sort of beginning to have a crush on this scorpio guy. I was in a relationship for the last 3 years, but I broke up with my bf because we had no future and things were not working out. I did not break up because of the scorpio guy but he was sort of flirting with me before the relationship ended. After breakup I told him that I need some time to get over it and he was fine with it. He kept on texting me a lot ... despite being busy. Once we met and he took all initiatives to meet me alone and talk to me in person. He made me feel special ... and I did get that 'scorpio stare'. We like used to talk a lot, and I had this feeling that he liked me, and because he was really sweet I started falling for him.

Now its been a month and he is ignoring me. He tells me he is busy. I find it hard to believe ... because he always used to make time for me despite being busy. This is crazy because I am falling for him more and more because he is ignoring me ... I find it hard to focus on other things ... I always end up thinking about him. It is hard to believe because guys generally do not do this to me, I mean I am hardly ignored by anyone. He replies to my messages in 2-3 words and really late. He has stopped texting me. I text him sporadically(once in 2-3 days), and he has apologized for not being able to talk to me because he has been busy. However I get a feeling that he has time for all the useless things in life ... and how can he be busy doing the same things so much so that he says I can't think of anything else. This guy kind of liked me in d beginning and that is what made me fall for him. Now I am confused ... should I move on ... should I wait - shall I keep texting him or shall I stop texting him.

Thanks for your help.
Asked Apr 10, 2014

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