How do start a rock band?.Any tips or opinion.

I'll try and make this short....When I was in high school I was doing music but our music department got shut down cuz our school was closing...anyway there was no teachers at this point but the time I was turning 14 yrs old and planning to do music but I had to put everything on hold because of my HEALTH issues.

It took about a year to finally be diagnosed with epilepsy and at that point I didn't know what I wanted to do in my life (carrer wise).

I'm 24 and i've been seizure free.....but anyway can anyone help me out on how to start a band?.....all the places where the bands play in clubs have shut down...Do you think I should put and add in the paper or try facebook?

I've started taking up drumming again...I'm saving up for a drum set but my granda got me a digital drum set which i'm trying to get used to....

One minute I say to myself I wanna put an all girl rock band together BUT then again I get along better with men than woman....So can anybody suggest tips or advice where to start?

If I was to put an advert or put a page on facebook what do you think I should put?...

The type of music band I was looking to start is Loud/Heavy/Dark ......something along those lines...

So does anybody have anytips?
Asked Apr 08, 2014

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