Losing friends- need advice

Recently, ive lost my two closest (and only) friends. It started with them getting boyfriends, and it was all about them. and then we stopped talking. And it wasnt me because ive had my boyfriend for awhile, and neber caused any problems with it. But, my two friends still kept talking to each other and staying close, but did not make effort to talk to me. So I stopped making effort as well. And yet they say that it was me not acknowleging them and me being rude to them. That they did nothing wrong at all. Theyre saying that they have tried countless times to reach out to me and thats not true. One of my friends moms messaged my mlm on facebook saying lots of reasons why I am the one to blame. She said in her message 'i dont think the reasons shes upset are the real reasons'. God im just so fucking done. Does it really sound like ive done anything wrong? I really need advice. Someone message me please. I just dont think im a good friend because every friend ive ever had has turned on me and shit talked me to my face, through email or text, and behind my back. Im just done with it and im so incredibly upset.
Asked Apr 07, 2014
Well truthfully I can't say if you've done anything wrong or not since it states the beginning and end but not too much middle; however, lots of things are in the mind without actually being there, and vise Versa.

Maybe that doesn't make much sense but in the right context it will, so I hope that helped. I can't give a specific answer since I don't know you particularly, I'm sorry.
Answered Apr 07, 2014

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