I need help really bad!

ok so me and my boyfriend have been dateing for a little over a year now and back in september I cheated on him with my ex, (big mistake) I still kinda liked my ex at the time but I wasnt sure, so I would kiss him but when I would come back to being with my boyfriend I love him more than anything but lately my ocd has ben playing in my head and saying that I still love him but I dont love him I dont want to be with him he treated me like poop he played me and everything plus if I loved him I wouldnt be spending so much time being worried and not wanting to love him I loev my boyfriend and I wanna be with him not my ex why is my mind doing this to me is breaking my heart and body apart please help!
Asked Apr 07, 2014
From what I can see, your mind is made up. You don't want your ex. I see that you're having little doubts because you're probably thinking about the good times and memories you did have with your ex. But remind yourself of exactly why you two ended and you'll come to it. It'll show remind you exactly why you two didn't work out and exactly why you shouldn't get back together.
Good luck :)
Answered Apr 07, 2014
Thankyou so much(:
Hey this was already answered so I'm sorry I'm late.

The mind makes up many many many things. It's up to you to decide what they mean or how you should react. From my stand point, I would say stress is blocking the perspective and you should focus more on your current boyfriend. Your ex is an ex for a reason right?
Answered Apr 07, 2014

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