Is stabbing an intruder self-defense?

I have reason to believe there may be an intruder in my home but I don't want to call the police and then it just turn out to be nothing. My mom amd I live eight next to each other and I am staying with her until we finish renovation at my place. About an hour ago all my dogs started going crazy jumping around the livingroom and barking at the windows. It took me ten minutes to get them to shut up. My mom has to work early and hates too be woken up. I thought nothing about why they were barking until a neighbor woke me up to warn me that a man had attempted to break into his house and busted out his window before running away. My neighbor looked around outside of ky house but did not go in. He thought he saw the man run in my trailer. So, I am all alone now and I am thinking about going to check on my house but since I am a 100 pound, five foot tall, scrawny eighteen year old I have armed myself with a butcher knife. Is it self-defense if I stab him?
Asked Apr 05, 2014
in your house self-defence if hes broke in but courts are corrupt so ud still get done.
Answered Mar 23, 2015

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