I'm a 12 year old girl and i'm going to junior high school after being home schooled? what to expect

Okay so I used to be going to a public school when I was 2-5 but then my parents took me and my brothers to home schooled and I've grown a little shy because of that but I get comfortable with my new surroundings in like minutes (is that good?) and now I'm 12 and have to go to school in fall this year because my Mom has to work and she can't be home with us and so we're being put in public schools. This will seem new to me and I just want to know what to expect. I live in Kentucky, Burlington and may be going to their Junior High/Middle School. Please just tell me like warnings, what-to-do's and nots and all of that. I feel really excited and very nervous at the same time. Thank you. Please bs as descriptive as possible.
Asked Apr 04, 2014
Edited Apr 04, 2014
Don't act like you're "popular" just to hang out with the wrong crowds because
1. They'd be the wrong people to hang out with
2. People don't really like those that pretend to be "popular"

Try your hardest in your classes in general. In team projects, do your part and if you have time, see if you can do anything else to help, but don't do the work for them.
Make sure you know how to say no.
Try to participate in extra activities.
Always have a sharpened pencil. Don't be the person constantly borrowing and never returning.
If you see somebody who's alone, talk to them
If your school serves green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss day, I wouldn't suggest eating it.
Stay clean.
Swearing isn't as cool as people pretend it is. (I mean when you say it in every other word. Occasionally it happens.)
If someone is dating some else, that's how it is. Don't break them up.
Moms on Facebook can be more aggressive than teens.
Don't gossip.
Keep it covered.
Don't judge someone until you know them.
Be yourself. Your life is a representation of you, not of others.
And just other basic rules of life. They're still people, treat everyone as they are^.^

I hope this helps at all. If I think of more then I'll post again, but good luck :) some schools can be pretty bad, but others are fine. You have nothing to worry about. I'm here to help if you have a different question later on ^.^
Answered Apr 14, 2014
I totally get you this year I went to middle school for the first time cause I was homes schooled forever but don't think I will be the worst thing I really like public school there are mean kids but if you just ignore them they won't bother you and if they still do just keep ignoring them. P.S I really love my public school.😃 Don't really put yourself put there on the first day I know they say it is your first impression but it is not and don't change who you are
Answered Nov 04, 2014
Edited Nov 04, 2014
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Answered Apr 17, 2014
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