Best friend baby shower help

I'm helping my best friend plan her second baby shower and when thinking for a gift I thought about something both her and her husband wanted for a long time but they never had the time and they never had the money, so what better a gift since both of their family will be there -- a wedding! just the ceremony part. but after telling the idea to my mom she feels strongly that it wouldn't be a good idea. A few months ago when we were planning the wedding, the husbands parents made an unexpected trip into town claiming they wanted to spend some time with them. They got them into the car claiming they were going shopping for their new child but instead drove them against their will to a judge who married them without any family or friends being there because the parents didn't want to wait for anyone including my best friends mom. They were angry for a little while but now its like everyone forgot about it but I know how everyone really wanted to be there when they got married and they really want to get married in front of everyone before the baby comes in two months so what better than her baby shower when all the family and friends will be there. Does anyone else feel this is a good idea or a bad one? My mom feels that doing this is going to open old wounds to the people who weren't there the first time. I did ask permission to throw a surprise for them as my gift but I did not tell them what it is. They said that they trusted me 100% and would go with whatever it is
Asked Apr 03, 2014

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