How can I participated during class with out me getting embrace and feeling bad?

All my teacher want me to talk ,speak and read out loud during class 7 month ago I was a shy girl but then I decided to step out of my shy zone and become more out going. I am not shy girl anymore but sometime I ask like one but I don`t why. I try to speak during class but there are time that the teachers and other student don`t understand me and don`t know what I am talking about because I got a peak problem. However when my teacher and my classmate don`t understand I get embrace and just stay quite all time.There are time that the teacher call my name to answer questions that I know but when I try to answer the questions,my answer don`t come out right of my mouth and the teacher don`t understand it even thought I give them the right answer. The reason that I don`t participate in class is because I get embrace when no one understand me and this make feel bad.
I want to participate in class but I am afraid that no one will understand me and I don`t want get embrace and feeling bad. please answer this questions as soon and fast as possible.
Asked Apr 02, 2014
Do not worry no one is perfect. I am shy. I make dumb mistakes all the time and do not care about them even if my friends laugh at me.
Answered Apr 02, 2014

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