Why am I scared of people especially males?

When someone I don't know walks up to me I panic completely,they often ask me if I'm sick,on dope,or having some kind of seizure or something because im shaking and hyperventilating so much. This happens especially with men,and especially with men whom have beards and look very manly. I even get this kind of anxiety with my friends,and my dad. Pretty much everyone except my mom makes me stricken with intense fear and I feel like I'm going to die when I talk to people. I don't think I have social anxiety because I like social places,just not talking to people. I'd be totally fine in a party if nobody approached me. Just that moment someone walked up to me if so die.
Asked Apr 02, 2014
Maybe ask a therapist and if your father was not nice than that is probably why
Answered Apr 02, 2014
I don't know what the symbols on this site mean but my uncles are nice,my brother is nice,and my stepdad is BEYOND nice...my father is the only mean man I know but I get so scared of them even though I know they're nice guys.
Maybe it is just a thought problem like thinking they are going to hurt you and what do you hunk when someone comes up to ypu
rcr12 Apr 05, 2014
Do you think when someone comes up to you
rcr12 Apr 07, 2014
I think you must have been undergone some unpleasant experience with the opposite sex for sure because you have this weird behavior for the male only, not for every individual.
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Answered Apr 09, 2014

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