I'm trying to not gain weight but I feel hungry what should I do?

I am 14 years old I was undereating but then realized I was doing wrong so decided to increase my calories, I went from 1200 calories or less to eating 1800 calories two weeks ago and the first week I felt bloated but the second week I went back to normal or even skinnier but I felt hungrier towards the end of the week. I eat every 2-3 hours and I was wondering if eating more would make me gain weight like 2000-2200 calories
I skateboard everyday and for 1-2 hours and weight 111 I am 5'1 but am trying to lose belly fat so what should I do
Asked Mar 30, 2014
1800 calories is a pretty good amount for someone your size. 1300-1400 will probably make you lose weight faster. If you are hungry but have already eaten, try drinking mineral water with ice, lemon and mint; or eating fruit and vegetables. Paint your nails or watch a movie to distract yourself from the hunger. Good luck!
Answered Mar 31, 2015

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