Please please please help me with the above question?

Asked Mar 30, 2014
whats the question?
Answered Mar 30, 2014
I like a guy and I told him ,that I liked him but he said that he takes me as a good friend . HELP?
but he still texts me , I tried forgetting him but he stays near my house so I see him many times and cannot forget him!
pepsi Mar 30, 2014
he is baisiclly saying that he wants to stay good friends with you,maybe because he dosn't want to ruin your good friendship,or maybe he just wants to stay friends with you because he likes someone else like you like him,could be either of the or even completely different purpose...
obviousily as your friends he is still going to text you as a friend.just try and forget him- try and focus on somebody else or something that destracts you or grabs your attention so you can forget..or get your mind on something else.
i know that feeling very well,but to your ocassion dont know how strong your feelings are to him but,the feeling unfortunately dosent fade away till you completely understand that its worthless and time waisting..
maybe im wrong,maybe one day he will fall for you too,so maybe just wait and have the pattience,stay close freinds and dont let anything ruin that to a worse state ;)
ya I completly agree with you my fellings for him are very strong I suppose thats why I dont tend to like other guys these days :/ my bad luck
anyways thanks a lot for the support and help :)
pepsi Mar 30, 2014

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