Help me, I need help please, rare and not usual case, please help?

I know a good guy, So one day I decided get to know him, But don't start it with casual talk that usually people do, cause I am afraid he lazy to reply, or think I am just want to have fun, So I make an excuses to talk to him. I am asking about the tourism thing in his town (he live in a very remote area) . I said I want to visit there (which this is not make any sense at all, if he comes to think of it. because it's very remote area) if he comes to think it again, it doesn't make sense, which is right, it's only my excuse to talk to him, then as I predicted, he respond me, he give me his number. Then month after month I don't visit there. And now, as I predicted he start getting suspicious about me. and thought I have bad intention to him, What should I do? What should I say? to clear problem? Do you guys have and idea? and do you have any tricky question that will make he have to reply me? FYI: he's 20 yrs old, live in the remote area in china, and by the way, don't suggest me to say something like "hey actually nice to meet you, I would like to make friends with you too, can I be friend with you?" because he's not flirty type and I am afraid that will make him scare away, Please help, and dont make fun of me, I am seriously desperate about this
Asked Mar 30, 2014
uhhh say that your parents don't want you to go there
Answered Apr 05, 2014
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