I’m 19 year old girl and in love with 15 year old boy

I live in Russia, he is in Mexico. I'm going to Mexico in the summer. This normal? I would like to know the view from the side.
Asked Mar 30, 2014
GO FOR IT! If you both like each other of course. In, 20 years it won't matter the difference.
Good Luck!
Answered Jul 25, 2014
Tell him and it is normal and do not let anyone else tell you different because I know a couple who the lady is like 5 years older than the man.
Answered Mar 30, 2014
If the feeling is mutual I don't see why it would be wrong to be in love?
Unless you came onto him strong and he didn't like it...but if you both relate on the same level, I think it's sweet that you are going out of your way to see him.
Answered May 02, 2014
I don't really see a problem with it. I don't know the rules for Mexico or Russia but in the USA it's counted as rape. Personally I don't see the difference why should. Age, sex, color, height, size, looks.All that matters is love. I'm 19 dating at 20 year old. He's way taller than I am he's 6ft weighs about 180 I'm 19 5ft weigh 110. We've known each other for three years. He is also hairy but I don't care I love him to death. My advice to you if you two want to be together go somewhere were you can don't come into the USA. Good luck :)
Answered Jul 28, 2014
Go for it if u want it, in my opinion I will say no cuz u know when u grow up u will be elder and will be younger and he will go for the other young girls and live u behind
Answered Dec 07, 2014
I think that's fine. My great-grandparents were 7 years apart and my Grammy was the older one <3
Answered Apr 03, 2015
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