Can someone please help me/give me advice, please?

I have a good friend I met on site a site called Experience Project, she's amazing. She is gorgeous and has an amazing personality. We are so alike, we get on well and we both want similar things out of life. We have been talking for weeks now, and I'm falling for her. I thought to myself - It's the things we don't do/say that we regret the most - so I told her how I felt. She said that she felt the same, and that's great, but for some reason it's making me kinda upset.

I've had girlfriends before but I've never felt this strongly about a person. I have been using the internet and sites like these for a long time now and understand some people are not who they say they are, but I know for a fact she is who she is. I'd love to meet her in person, more than anything, but we are so far away from each other - by about three thousand miles - and I can't just go to her right now, my parents would never let me go to another country alone.

I love talking to her, so much. It's the highlight of my day. I do the best I can at school knowing that when I come home I get to relax and talk to her, sometimes for hours and hours on end. Even into the early hours of the morning. I am just clueless on what to do. This has been eating me alive.
Asked Mar 29, 2014
Try doing Skype with her or another video chat where by you can see her face to face and hear her voice. Also call her on the phone. Send her presents on special occasions such as her birthday and letters in the mail. When you turn 18 or in some countries 21 you are an adult and then you can go see her but you have to video call on Skype first to make sure she is real. Always bring two friends or two family members with you when meeting a stranger for the first time in real life.
Work hard in school and keep your grades up so when you get a good job and earn good money you can save up to see her.
Tell her more about how you feel. Get to know her more before thinking about love or having strong feelings for this girl.
Also this may be very dangerous if she is not who she says she is. Be careful.
Remember texting, emailing or typing to eachother is not enough.
How long have you been talking on the internet for?
How old are you and how old is she?
Answered Mar 29, 2014
Edited Mar 29, 2014

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