I'm having trouble babysitting my niece, She's overly attached to me. is it just a phase?

I'm 19 years old I've been babysitting. My niece and nephew for about 2 years now. I'm not paid, i'm not really good with kids. But I'm painfully harsh about truth (extremely honest in general) just in general.

It started last year when my Older brother called me and asked one day if i'd like to babysit I was confused he doesn't have kids. but I found out that my sister-in-law's twin sister was bedridden from some supposedly an unknown disease. I was picked up and I visited her in the hospital with them. My sister in law was asked to take care of her niece and nephew. Because their father doesn't have custody. practically she's raising her sisters kids for life you could say.

My Nephew was usually shy and my Niece was a troublemaker. They both disliked their aunt. and they barely even showed any affection or attachment towards my brother but that eventually got better. My Brother work's night's and my Sister-in-law has multiple jobs. because I am never busy and their mother asked me to babysit them because she trust's my judgement. (Even though I only met her once.) I help out when neither one of them are going to be home at night. They're were 6 when I started.

My nephew. he's a very smart boy, he reads alot and he acts like most boys after he finishes any homework or play time. he'll wanna go outside and or just sit and watch tv. Getting him to go to bed on time and eat food he doesn't like was easy. one time he came up to me and wanted to watch what I was watching on tv. He could barely understand anything but he can say what's on his mind and what he wants.

His mother wanted me to help him have an imagination because he barely made friends at school. so I did. she asked me to get him interested in things that I think he will like cause i'm a boy what I watched when I was his age. so I do that. I let him watch child tv shows that I used to watch. he became more confident and made friends. sometimes he asks me to call his mom to get permission for him to read a book on his own. I do. she always says yes because she wants him to learn many things. and be smart for his age. Taking care of him isn't that hard. but his sister. is another story.

My niece. she's A LOT of work. When I first started she used to just hide in places like corners or under the bed. and all she'd do is stare at me, watch me, and giggle. Eventually she grew out of that little phase. and she'd whine for ice cream or treats. i'd never give her anything sweet unless her mother said yes which was most of the time. her mother had it because she's a growing girl one glass of milk a day. and one small spoon of ice cream. to get her to calm down if she ever got sad or angry.

eventually she'd want to play with me which i'd let her play basket ball on my shoulder. but after a time I didn't even have to play games, or color. She became VERY smart I mean if her IQ could be measured she'd probably be at middle school level. When it came to the words she'd say or write. She began acting less hyper more I guess. chill like her brother.

But when ever i'd leave she'd burst into tears the water works would not stop until either her aunt or my brother or I said I could stay longer or. that i'd stay the night again. Eventually got out of the crying phase. but she'd nag her aunt to let me stay longer. she didn't want to play games she didn't want to draw. she'd just enjoy sitting on my lap or watching tv with me. as long as I was with her. she'd be the most sweetest little thing you've ever seen but once I left she's cause so much chaos that my aunt got fed up. and made me babysit practically everyday. especially weekends.

Now you're gonna ask OK, she looks up to you. you're her favorite uncle. your like a big brother to her.

this is true she calls me Ni-Ni. but the problems started when she was six and a half. The order of the bath arrangement. They have set in the house. Boys first, Girls second. So my nephew would take a bath first and i'd wash his hair then depending on the time i'd let him stay up till he got bed or tell him to go to bed. depending on my mood. he would always go to bed on time even if I didn't tell him too.

Now i'd tell my niece, to take a bath, she'd say no and then herself in her room. i'd call her mom. ask what to do be she'd never have any idea what was going on in her daughter's head.

Bribing my niece wouldn't work using the i'll tell auntie card. as an ultimatum or pretend like i'm leaving. nothing worked. so i'd give up and tell her to go to bed on time. then i'd get in the bathtub. and every time i'm in the bathtub just relaxing. She'd get her brother to unlock the door to the bathroom. then she'd come running in naked. and just get in the tub with me. pretending like I wasn't just asking her to take a bath. and I couldn't get up because of how she was sitting on my lap. but i'd always get mad. and have mini-argument with her before washing her hair.

The word discipline doesn't ring a bell in her mind. if you scold her or ground her. she would disobey no matter what. her mother told me to start giving her a spanking if she doesn't do what she's told. her bursting into the bathroom when i'm in it continued without fail. but it escalated to where when she'd make excuses to sleep in the guest room with me. and she'd pretend to give up. and wait until I was asleep. and then crawl in the bed with me. and snuggle up against me. at first her excuse was "I'm cold" she'd use a lot. but eventually. after I started locking my door to keep her at night.

She started being more honest. and would say things like. "i just want to sleep with you ni-ni" "you're warm." or "i have nightmares." i'd always tell her I wouldn't buy it. when she turned seven she'd continue getting in the bath with me. and sneaking into my bed at night but it got worse. especially her birthday when she turned seven she had a sleep over 5 of her friends stayed the night.

I was busy with studies. and writing so I said. only one of them may bug me at a time. so all her friends would come in one by one. and ask me questions like. "can you help with my homework?" "will you play basketball with me?" "Can I watch a scary movie with you?" "can we make cookies?" "Can I sleep in your bed please?" "will you read me a book?" these questions were asked. and, i'd call their parents and ask for a yes or no. then i'd tell them yes or no. I sent my Niece, her friends, and my nephew to bed. I locked my door. and went to bed. I woke up in the morning. And I thought "finally she grew out of her phase." I was wrong. I say up tossed the cover aside. and found my niece, and her 5 friends all snuggled up against me all of them completely naked. I freaked out yelled at the top of my lungs got them all up. and threw the cover on them. I asked who's idea it was? they all blamed each other before ultimately blaming my niece. then I asked why. one said it as cold another said this bed is fluffy. and finally another said they were playing follow the leader. the leader was my niece. I snapped. I went from being nice uncle to ticked uncle. I gave my niece a spanking in front of her friends to strike fear into them. it didn't work not even my niece was scared. they all thought they were still playing follow the leader. and would tell me and I quote. "spank me next." I yelled again told them to get dressed before their parents came to get them. They did. and when their parents came they were all thanking me I was saying no problem but in reality I was panicking.

When I was leaving and all the parents were outside with their kids about to leave. my niece and her friends said. "i want to marry you when I get older!"

and yeah all the parents think it's a cute phase. They'll grow out of it. Both my nephew and my niece are 8 going on 9. and my niece has still not changed keeps saying "i love you" and keeps getting in the bath with me and crawling in bed with me. and clinging to me as much as she can.

Is my niece just in a phase?
Asked Mar 29, 2014
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Jane16 Apr 05, 2014
If she still continues once she turns 10 then it's most likely not a phase. But if you are concerned, you should talk to your brother, your sister-in law, or the mother of the children.
Answered Jul 24, 2014
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