What supplies do you need for hermit crabs?

All I really want to know is what supplies u need for hermit crabs, how much do the supplies cost, and maybe some websites about hermit crabs. I want to know this stuff, because I'm going to try to convince my parents I can have my own hermit crab. I don't know why, they won't tell me why I can't have one or why they're so hard to take care of. I even told them I would pay for it, and I would care of all of it, and asked if I could get one for Christmas, still no! On my question how do I convince my parents I want a hermit crab, one person answered to make a folder of all the things about them, and how much the supplies cost, so I'm going to do that. So I'm gonna research about them and I need help from u guys to know what supplies u need and how much they cost. Sorry it was kinda long.
Asked Mar 26, 2014
Website is http://www.petsuppliesplus.com/content.jsp?pageName=hermit_crab
Answered Mar 27, 2014
Oh, so this is the one u answered. Thanx! And sorry I thought u were mixing me up with some one else.
Hey I just checked it out! It's awesome! Thank u so much!
That is fine glad I helped
rcr12 Mar 28, 2014
Fire ruby do you live in Australia I do
rcr12 Mar 28, 2014
No, although I really wanna go there! Plus one of my favorite singers lives in NewZealand and goes on tour a lot in Australia.
Okay my sister had a hermit crab. It needs a cage, sand, bowl for food, and a tupperware for freding
Answered Mar 30, 2014

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