I need help on my chemistry and I cannot find the answers for the life of me. Help please?

Chem questions I've been struggling with. Please help!?
1. In the decomposition of substance A, a plot of 1/[A] versus time gives a straight line. It is also found that 50.0% of a sample of [A] has decomposed in 22,5 minutes from an initial concentration [Ao]=5.24x10^-2 M.

A) what is the rate law for this reaction?
B) what is the rate constant for this reaction?
C) what will be the concentration of [A] after 1.50 hours?

2. The reaction rate of A(aq)+2B(aq)->D(aq)+E(aq) depends in the concentration of compound [C] even though [C] is not consumed. The following data are obtained for the formation of [D] (aq):

[A](M) [B](M) [C](M) InitialRate(mol/L•s)
0.0040 0.0020 1.00 0.00097
0.0020 0.0040 1.00 0.00024
0.0020 0.0020 1.00 0.00024
0.0020 0.0020 0.50 0.00096
0.0020 0.0020 0.25 0.00384

A) write the rate law for this reaction
B) Calculate the rate constant (k) for this reaction

3. For the reaction 2A(g)->B(g)+C(g) the rate constant is 1.2x10^-5 L/mol•sec at 272 degree Celsius and 8.0x10^-4 L/mol•sec at 337 degree Celsius.

A) what is the activation energy of this reaction?

B) what will be the rate constant at 380 degree Celsius?
Asked Mar 26, 2014

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