How should I work things out with fiance 5 months before the wedding?

I am 24, finishing college in June, getting married in August. I am currently looking for a job. My fiance and I dont live together. We decided much earlier that we would move in together after the wedding. Now he is changing his mind and wants me to move in, 5 months before the wedding. We argued over this and he hasnt spoken to me for 3 days now. Other things keep coming back in arguments, for example him claiming that since my parents still pay for everything that I do everything they tell me to, that I dont value his opinion. This is absolutely not true. That I wont move in with him because they havent allowed me to. That is not true because I dont and we made that decision the moment we decided to marry.
I dont know what to do now because now my parents are angry with my fiance and I, they currently are extremely angry with fiance that he doesn't respect them by saying they are trying to control my life.

I could go on and on but I will go into more details if necessary.

I am waiting for my fiance to talk to me, but what else should I do?
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Anonymous User
Asked Mar 25, 2014

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