I have a condo and rented a couple of my rooms. Here is a problem that I encountered.


I bought a condo recently and to help with the bills, I have a couple of rooms which I have rented out. We share the common areas - the living room, dinning room and the kitchen. The place is fully furnished by me. One night, I came home and noticed that there is a cracked and dent on one of my glass stove top burners. I know someone did it and I am sure its an accident. The stove still works. I asked the roommates but they all denied that they did it. What if next time the stove breaks down because of improper usage. Is it wrong to add a new rule to the agreement where we split the cost among all the roommates for the common areas. I will replace it with used items. If they died because of proper usage then I won't ask them to pay. Ex: If a tv screen cracked, I don't think that is normal wear and tear. I don't think its fair if I have to paid it all since I am rarely home and use my appliances. My friend said they won't agree to it since you didn't mention it in the beginning when you rent out your rooms. The thing is I never thought someone would irresponsible like that.

On my agreement, I do have
11. Damages. Each roommate will be responsible for any damages they cause to the unit. The damages will be deducted from the security deposit. and 19. Additional Rules which is currently empty.

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked Mar 25, 2014
Edited Mar 25, 2014

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