Why am I very ill every 2 months?

Hi. I am a 17 year old female, 5.3 and underweight at 6.2 stone. I usually have a strong stomach, and until 6 months ago I hadn't vomited since I was 5 years old. 6 months ago I got a fever and chills with vomiting in the morning, and went to the doctors after a few days of this. I was not pregnant, and the doctor took a urine sample and said it was a kidney infection. She put me on antibiotics and the sickness stopped straight away, however every couple of months since then I have experienced the same symptoms. Every time I go to the doctors they put me on different antibiotics, however now they say it could be polycystic ovaries. The doctors seem as confused as I am and I am tired of feeling so Ill. I usually feel as if I have the flu. Thankyou for reading, I hope someone has some advice.
Asked Mar 21, 2014
why not you take Protein supplement with discuss a doctor? drink much more water everyday.

Answered Mar 22, 2014
You should start yoga, it will help you a lot & keep you fit. Do it on a regular basis, you must feel better. Don't do too much in starting, do little bit, which your body allows you to do. Then go for more!
Answered Mar 24, 2014

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