I need URGENT HELP ! Quickly as possible !

So. Im a 12 yrs old dude. I have a sisyer, also 12 yrs old, but younger by 2 months. Soo... Last night I came back from a party at 11:00 pm. I was realy tired, so I just went to bed. I couldnt fall asleep, and my sister came in crying. She sat by me. I asked her whats wrong ? What hapened ? And she started crying even more. Then I just layed down. She also did. She cuddled up to me. I didnt mind. I fell asleep. I woke up this morning, and she is still here. I dont know what to do. While she was asleep, I pulled off her shirt. I saw many injuries and bruises. I almost started crying myself... what can I do ? I cant tell my parents, couse they are on vacation for 1 week, and there are still 4 days left. -Thanks-


I asked her. She told me, she was raped. 2 times. I asmost killed myself. Im so scared. She begged me NOT to tell anyone. I cant tell my parents, couse they dont answer cell, and didnt read my email. Im heartbroken. I have to carry her around everywhere, couse shes to weak to walk. Were on the way to the hospital. Thanks. - edited at 12:48.
Asked Mar 15, 2014
Edited Mar 15, 2014
I'm very sorry man I'm twelve 2 I m sorry I don't know what do I hope it gets better best wishes
Answered Mar 15, 2014
My feeling are the same. I wish you the best of luck.

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