How should I tell my crush I like him? Please please answer soon!

Ok, I want to know how to tell my crush I like him AND ask if he likes me. I'm only 10 so not a way that's too awkward. If u want more details look on my profile for the question does he like me back. I don't think walking straight up to him and asking him is a good idea(don't tell me to man up). Tell me if these are good ideas- fold up a note saying "hey I kinda like you, do you like me back? (you can just write me back in a note)" and then give it to him while he's kind of busy so he doesn't ask about it. And I'll just say "keep it in your pocket or somewhere safe and read it in private when no one is looking, bye!" and just leave and hope for the best. I want to do it in a note because I won't feel like I'm as rejected as much. And he's not really that guy that would really understand. He never really looks like he likes anyone or gets into anyone else's lives really. He's pretty much him and his brother having fun not really, the kind of guys that always has a crush on some one. I'm afraid he's just being really friendly, like he is to everybody else. That's why I'm so scared he doesn't like me, how would I get over rejection?That's actually my only idea, if u have any other good ideas tell me. Please answer! Thank you! ; )
Asked Mar 14, 2014
Edited May 11, 2014
Awh so cute! That's a great idea, couldn't of said it better myself, you should totally do that! If you want to fine out if he likes you before you ask him to make it less awkward ask one of your friends to ask his friends if he likes you or not. Other than that, that is a really great plan! Could you please answer my latest question in my profile, I'm dying for someone to answer my question and it would mean so much if you could answer it for me. Thank you and good luck! :)
Answered Mar 16, 2014
Omg! Thank you so much for answering! And I also answered ur last question. Hope it was the right one! Haha. I never would have thought some one would answer me so soon! Thank you again! : D

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