Torn between my best buddy and my girlfriend over my best friends wedding

I have a best buddy that I've known for years.He is getting married and has asked me to be his best man. The girl he is marrying is a bit childish in a way and stuck in her ways but he is my bro so I wanna be there for him on his big day. My girlfriend is pissed because his wife wants me to walk down the isle with her cousin, who is her maid of honor and also a little younger than my girlfriend. She said she will break up with me if I walk down the isle with her and don't "fix this". I am just not sure I can fix anything, it's there big day and I don't feel that it's up to me how his wife wants her pictures and memories, and her big day to be like. What the hell do I do please I really need some good advice here.
Asked Mar 12, 2014
Tell your girlfriend it is a simple walk and that you are faithful to her. Tell her nothing will ever happen and you will always love her. If she still says the same thing then Im sorry but you should dump her. Its your best friends wedding you have to there for him. If you girlfriend says this even after you say this then you should dump her.
Answered Mar 12, 2014
Do u think it's ok that I try and talk to the bride?is it right to try and run their big day? Should I care more about my girlfriend than my best friend on his wedding day?
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Answered Feb 08, 2016

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