Is it illegal to have a valid vertical id in michigan?

This past Saturday I went into a local Rite Aid to get some beer and this is the store I go to very often. I'm 21 and I do have a vertical valid ID that expires this year on my birthday which is in a few months. As I went to the counter to purchase it the clerk asked me for my ID and I showed it to him then he said he couldn't take it because it was vertical and it's illegal to have one. I was dumbfounded as I told him I've come here all the time and never had that problem and he said he was the store manager and repeated of what I just heard from him. He also said I was supposed to renew my ID after I turned 21 which I did not heard of that before. I also used to work at a Krogers gas station and would have customers of age to buy alcohol and cigarettes so I know its not illegal to vertical than horizontal IDs.
Is it really illegal to have a vertical ID? I still cannot believed of what he told me and I've been in multiple bars and also stores so this is the first time I ever heard of it true? If so, why?
Asked Mar 10, 2014

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