Concerned about my health, need some advice!

I apologise in advance if this confuses some people.

I'm an 18 year old girl, almost 19, and for many years my eating habits have gone down hill. When I was young from the ages of 3-9, my eating habits were fine, I basically ate anything. But since then I've gone down hill and my diet is honestly the worst. I'm not kidding.

I used to eat vegetables, but now I don't. Not a single one. I eat all kinds of fruit, but even that in itself isn't exactly healthy. I used to eat breakfast, but the thought of certain cereals makes me want to puke, I never eat lunch - even when I used to go to school - and my dinners are my main concern. I don't eat anything apart from microwaved chips and chicken. That's all I eat. Seriously. Chicken every single night. And if my family doesn't have chicken in the house, I don't eat dinner. I used to eat almost everything, burgers, sausages, pasta, spaghetti, mash, beans, vegetables and stuff like that. But now I don't. How bad is that?!

All I eat now is junk food, day in day out. Potato chips, chocolate, occasional fruit, cakes, ice cream and crisps. That's mainly what my diet is. I just snack, I never have many meals. I realise that this is bad and I do want to stop so badly, but how when I'm such a fussy eater? I also realise this gives me risks of health issues in the future!

I went to my doctors about a year and a half ago, and she said that it was normal, and that it was just a phase. I would soon grow out of it, and everyone's taste buds change. She also said try new things, and roughly after 7 times of trying it your taste buds begin to get used to it or something. But I couldn't put anything in my mouth that I didn't like because it'd make me gag. But just to keep sure, she made me do a food diary, and every day for about 2-3 weeks she made me eat 3 meals a day and weirdly it was hard for me. But my doctor didn't really do anything about it, so I've just been stuck at stage one.

I've been wanting to tone my body and do some working out. But I kind of think what is the point? I can't eat healthy, so really I'm doing nothing. I just needed some advice on what to do? I'm open to all suggestions. :-) Thanks in advance!
Asked Mar 10, 2014
About your food gaging it could be quite serious but if you are depressed that could be one thing but you could have heart Burn, Throat Cancer, celiac disease, eating disorder and etc you can't overcome this problem by your self so please check a doctor!!!!

Answered Mar 24, 2014

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