I'm having trouble with my girlfriends parents?

For the past two and a half years we've bin together I've really learnt that her parents are absolute maniacs. Her parents fight all the time, Punch each other in the face and all sorts, The dad even starts on my girlfriends brother and chases him round the house trying to fight him, Her brothers 18. They always claim how nuts they are and sort of show off about it, especially the dad. He acts like he's invincible and he's really tough and seems like a real bad bully. I hate being around them and try to avoid them at all costs, especially when there drinking because thats normally when shit hits the fan. Its really putting me off being with my girlfriend because I really can't stand them.. it's caused me to have real bad anxiety and everything.. im 22 by the way and have a daughter with my girlfriend and we live together and im far from the type to just pack up and leave even if they are driving me insane. I just hate how the dad tries to be intimidating and acts crazy all the time. My girlfriend is used to it and just thinks it's me but obviously she's going to say that.. she's used to it and it's her family.. I just don't know what to do.. help?
Asked Mar 09, 2014
Tell the dad and if he won't listen if you and your girlfriend are committed ask here if she wants to get her own place with you
Answered Mar 09, 2014
I already live with her dude, we got our own place. And there not the type of people who'd understand if I confronted any of them about it. It would just make things worse. Im pretty much screwed.
Limit the time you spend around them. Even if it seems rude, it's better than having them make you anxious or put strain on your relationship. Just explain to your girlfriend that you find visiting her family too stressful and come up with excuses not to visit. If the two of you have your own place, you can still spend plenty of time with her. Plan things with your girlfriend that don't involve her family. Not only will the time away from them be a relief, it will also give you more energy to deal constructively with them when you do see them, because you won't be worn out and annoyed from dealing with them all the time.

Hope this helps.
Answered Mar 26, 2014
What the-? What kind of family is THAT?!
Answered Apr 07, 2014

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