What are some of your favorite types of card games?

State the name of the game and basic rules please. I am just trying to learn as many as possible because I enjoy them so much! :D
Asked Mar 08, 2014
Edited Mar 08, 2014
Strip poker
Answered Mar 08, 2014
Nope. I meant clean, fun, fit-for-a-young-child-type games. For example, one of my favorites is "spoons".
My favourite Card games are Poker,Rummy,Solitiare,Gofish.Try some of the Card Games like Rummy and Poker.you'll have fun while Playing.If you are Interested in how to play card games like poker and Rummy then Register at Pokabunga.com and start playing
Answered Feb 12, 2015
I usually play many types of card games such as uno, rummy, solitaire, poker, pokemon cards, free cell etc. I changed my interests according to my growing age when I was a kid I used to play uno and pokemon cards, when I was in teens I used to play rummy and now I play poker.all these card games can be played both offline and online. My favorite card games are rummy,poker and pokemon cards because I will never get bored playing these games.
Answered Nov 09, 2015
I play several online games in number of sites,but I play rummy more frequently than any other game.I used to play rummy offline later I got to know that online rummy is better than offline rummy ,so after surfing several sites I found silkrummy.com.
This is best site to play online rummy game. Rummy is my favorite gaming site.This site has number of users and has been a great platform to make some real money.
Answered Nov 13, 2015
My favourite Card games are Rummy,Solitiare,poker.
Try some of the Card Games like Rummy.
you'll have fun while Playing.
If you want to be stress free and relaxed then look into the site www.silkrummy.com.
Answered Nov 20, 2015
i like hearts,blackjack,rummy and poker,The poker is the best game to play.I played poker at pokabunga
Answered Nov 24, 2015
For me, it's poker online or other solitaire app games like those in this: https://apknite.com/?s=Solitaire
Answered Feb 27, 2019

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