My daughter 27 is in a relationship with my ex boyfriend 50

I have been in my current relationship for 3 yrs. My boyfriend and I needed help moving so we paid for the help of my daughter and her husband. Us paying them to help us move made it possible for them to move close to us. Soon, my daughter got in a fight with her husband and ended up in the sack with my ex who was at this point my best friend and because of problems in my current relationship we were even considering getting back together, which my daughter was fully aware of. I have not seen them for 6 daughter, my best friend (soul mate), my son in law, my 2 grandbabies and all of my friends (whom were mutual friends of my ex and I). Because it goes against my morals to accept that my ex was introduced for 7 yrs to my daughter as a child and was now having sex with her. I still have no closure and cannot seem to get on with my life. I am severely depressed and suicidal. I hate them. I am still in my same relationship. How can I save my life and get happy again.
Asked Mar 04, 2014
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Answered Mar 12, 2014
I am sorry to hear that.
All I can say is, though the present day reality is not good but try to accept it. Keep telling yourself loudly !" I accept this."
It might help.

As goes the depression, go for therapy. Don't leave it untreated. You also might wanna try this website :

You will survive this because whatever will be, will be.
stay strong. :)
Answered May 26, 2015
You might want to contact your daughters husband (or maybe not) but you are both going through the same hurt and need support.

If you aren't comfortable with that then a group that has had similar experiences would be a good choice, they can help share their experiences as to how to get through it.

Another great way to start to move on with your life is to start a new hobby, one that is within your means and you will enjoy doing. Gardening is a popular option, but there's hobbies from model planes to scrapbook ingredients all the way to making personalized shoes or fixing cars.

It seems that your ex is clearly not our soul mate, and it's unfortunate that your daughter has reminded you of this. A person that is worth your time and effort would only have eyes for you. No exceptions.

Your current relationship also seems pretty be suffering. Another option would to just take a small break from all of the drama, guess on a vacation by yourself or with a close friend (NOT your ex), and find time to be who you are and properly grieve for the things that have happened. Plus get to see amazing things while travelling!

Hopefully you can pull yourself out of the slump and be the great person that I'm sure is lingering under there somewhere!
Answered Jun 01, 2016
Well things and people can change at any time, you're even thinking about flying back to your ex, I'm wondering if maybe it was all in your own head that you and your ex were getting back together when you and your current boyfriend started having problems, it also seems your daughter and ex could have formed some kind of closeness while you and him were dating, a closeness that couldn't be shared together back then when she was young but now that she is older and of age only made it that much more possible for it to develop.

I believe if you love your daughter and your ex then you should feel happy for them and not be feeling negative about their relationship, because nothing good ever come from negativity, it only keeps you down as you so say that your depressed and you haven't seen your friends and family for 6 months only because of your selfish moralistic values, true happiness comes from within ones self and not from an external source, and you not accepting the reality of your daughter and ex making a connection only keeps you harboring hatred, jealousy, depression, suicidal thoughts, all manor of negativity and an inability to accept closure.

Stop denying yourself to your friends and family and trying to instill whether intentionally or sub consciously a guilt trip on your ex and your own daughter by displaying immature actions and attitudes towards them in the so called name of moralistic value, which I see as nothing more then egoism selfishness and self pity on your part.
Answered Jun 06, 2016

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