Ay risk of pregnancy or is it just my nerves?

I have a trend of feeling sick right after sex. Protected ofcourse. I had protected sex yesterday morning and we did use a condom. Its just that I guess he was a little too turned on so he was about to just put himself inside...not knowing he didn't have on a condom. But I was paying attention even with being turned on. I stopped him right before he tried to enter.and Demanded that he put a condom on. Some of the wetness of him got on the right side of my buttock but I quickly wiped it off from the direction on my area.. and watched him put on the condom
..that little moment made me sooo nervous. And he didnt seem to care too much about how risky that was. But when we were done.. he pulled out and mind you I saw the semen caught inside the condom it just looked like the bottom part of it was more near his tip like it slipped up to the front or something . I know theres all types of risks for pregnancy but I wanna know how much of a risk in right now because its been only since ywsterday and im feeling pretty bauseous.. ...
And im wondering is it hormones or should I just wait to take a test to-be sure... lplus im thinkong it might also be my nerves as well
. I had some drinks yesterday yo calm me down so it could be the alcohol too.... please let me kbow what I should do and what I should be concerned about...

Asked Mar 03, 2014
You're fine. You wouldn't have symptoms yet. Don't stress in a couple weeks if you feel the same or miss a period take a test. Until then calm your nerves or you'll never feel yourself
Answered Mar 03, 2014

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