How to DIY wi-fi booster/signal amplifier?

Is there any possible way to increase wi-fi signal or can make it not fluctuating while it connected? I mean boost it for the better connection? In example, in my room, my laptop only can receive 1 bar only, so I want to boost it to full bar. If someone there got the drawing for the printed board, please do attach it here so I can print it on my board later. I believe the DIY version is more cheaper than buy one at the store. Do include the full name of the components. Your helps will be very much appreciated! thanks!
Asked Mar 03, 2014
Here are the general steps to make a DIY Wi-Fi booster/signal amplifier:

Choose an appropriate antenna: A high gain directional antenna can be used to boost the Wi-Fi signal. The antenna should be designed for the frequency band of your Wi-Fi network and should have a gain of at least 6 dB.

Build the reflector: A parabolic reflector can be used to focus the Wi-Fi signal in a particular direction. The reflector can be made from a sheet of metal or foil and shaped into a parabolic curve.

Attach the antenna: The antenna should be mounted at the focal point of the reflector. The reflector should be positioned behind the antenna and should be curved to reflect the signal in the desired direction.

Connect the signal amplifier: A signal amplifier can be used to further boost the Wi-Fi signal. The amplifier should be connected between the antenna and the Wi-Fi router.

Power the amplifier: The amplifier will require power, which can be supplied using a power supply or batteries.

It's important to note that building a DIY Wi-Fi booster/signal amplifier can be challenging and may not always be effective. Additionally, modifying or building electronic devices can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. If you're not comfortable with DIY electronics, it may be best to purchase a pre-made Wi-Fi booster or seek the assistance of a professional.
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