Im 14 should I have sex?

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Asked Mar 02, 2014
No. You should at the very least wait till your 16. Best would be 18
Answered Mar 02, 2014
Wait till you are married. Sex comes with maturity, you must be not just physically but mentally mature as well. And true maturity is shown by patience,
Answered Mar 03, 2014
wait till your older, and yeah 17-18 is a ok age to start, and if you do PRACTICE SAFE SEX, BUY CONDOMS AND have a sti check, and birth controll and that stuff. Pull out method doesnt work, just telling you that now, cause pre ejaculation has the most sperm in it
Answered Mar 04, 2014
It is your decision obviously. But make absolutely sure you use a condom every single time. Getting pregnant at that age has many negative consequences. And make sure your man is using an antibacterial penis health creme to ensure that it is completely clean during condom-less sex acts like oral etc. Keep in mind that he can transfer bacteria to you during all sex acts. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Feb 28, 2017

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