Does this girl I met online like me, or is she playing me?

I signed up to this online dating site, and I started talking to this girl, she is really beautiful, and I cant stop thinking about her, we text everyday, and we talked on the phone once, and facetimed once. She tells me, that I make her feel special and she wants me to feel special, and says different things like that to me, and I feel like she does like me, but everytime we make plans, she cancels, because her babysitter cancels, or she cant find a babysitter. I like to think she might be nervous meeting me, or telling the truth, but I always think she might be playing me, or today we were suppose to facetime when she got home, but she stopped texting me, and I had to text her again. Do you think I have a shot, or do you think she is playing me, because my paranoia is starting to take over.
Asked Feb 27, 2014
Bro same case with me.i also lov a uk girl but she loves me more than me.. Can we talk more in mail? [email protected],
Answered Feb 28, 2014
I went through something like this before, except it was a little different. I've always been the type of girl who had more guy friends than girl friends (I guess you could say I'm a tomboy) but there was this one guy who for some reason, popped into my mind when I met him at my freshman orientation. I didn't have a twitter or anything at the time, and because I go to a big city high school...I really saw a couple times again until spring time came for track. I had my friends, and he had his but then a person I knew who went to another school started talking to him randomly and I eventually got his number (really long story lol) but that's basically how we started talking. We never got a chance to hang out or anything before the summer, but we texted ALL THE TIME, like we were close friends. Then school started again and well...I developed a crush. I've never been the shy type with crushes before, but for some reason, I was with him. I was afraid that he would figure out who I really was as a person. I didn't want him to know what a reckless, tomboy like girl I was cause I thought he was just the opposite; popular, well liked by many girls, etc. Then I thought he was a total jerk for awhile...yeah it was bad. So I had these judgments about him but as time went on, I started to really figure out who he was, thanks to my friends. Him and I both have been through a lot, it turned out. We both just rushed into being close friends, or even a couple right away. Him and I are great friends now and I wouldn't be surprise if we take things to another level soon. I know your probably wondering why I'm telling you all this, but all I'm saying is just have hope. She might be just scared of you figuring out who she really is and what her life is like, or maybe she really is playing you. Just don't rush into it. Hope this helps!
Answered Feb 28, 2014

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