How come woman of all races like black men?

ok we all know EVERY RACE HAS ITS BAD!! ALL RACES Have interacial relations. my question is how come asian, white , pr, brazilian mexican woman all woman! date black men?? dont get me wrong (no homo) I see alot of well spoken good looking black dudes. I like black ppl im bi racial my dads black and my mom is white. my whole life IVe dated black woman I love hip hop I love black culture. not gonna lie black children are very cute!! jus recently ive started dating lighter skinned ebony woman. OK so my question is why do woman of all races date black guys.. most black dudes I know stress baggy clothes say nigga every 30 secs so annoying!!!! and they just look mean ! and very aggressive like I ate vagina b4 obviously like I said ive only dated black woman! yea I ate black pussy idc how hot she looks black pussy isnt that appealing! how can some1 suck a dark ass dick why do woman like them most of them are unemployed and violent . worldstarhiphop type dudes yuck!!! I am sorry to any1 I offended I know all black ppl arent like that and I know all races have there ghetto ppl sorry to and 1 I offended
Asked Feb 26, 2014
You don't make any sense. Why are you hating on other black men? You said you're bi racial, dude your black too. Isn't your dick black too? You say you like black people but by the sounds of it doesn't sound like it. You have two cultures in you so take pride in both. You just sound like you're jealous because you're not getting any interest as much as them? Why are you stuck on colours? Why envy others when you cannot be them but only yourself. Be yourself. Every race has it's bad and good as they say but every race is part of the human race so it doesn't matter the colour of the skin but the heart that is under the skin.
Answered Feb 28, 2014

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