How come light skin woman dont like light skin men?

im bi-racial (half black/half white) in the winter im a dirty yellow color and in the summer I have a light caramel complexion. I always have a haircut I been cutting my own hair for years. im very clean cut. I have brown eyes and pink lips! hair color black. always have a short hair. (things I dont like about myself now) I have somewhat big nose& my teeth arent that straight but fairly white. im a decent guy at best..i dont dress nice in the winter simple jeans or sweats and nice jacket and boots:/ but I do dress nice in summer.. ive been working out at gym for 1 year and 3 months. im 5'9 and weigh 202 pounds really good shape! ive dated black woman my whole life! and ive always had a fetish for a lightskin woman ive watched SHIT LOADS of porn of light skin ebony and lightskin biracial woman!! I want a light skin WOMAN so bad! how come on TV, FACEBOOK, PUBLIC EVERYWHERE I see woman my complexion a little darker or much lighter with black men????? my whole life I tried to get them but they dont like me?? I live in somewhere in Connecticut! can any1 relate??????????? or add??? btw no disrespect to black men my dads black:) and im very respectful to every1 I meet ! sorry if I offenended any1.... I know tons of woman who have white skin and black facial feature nose lips hair etc . who call there self strictly black and only date black men..yellowbones and redbones dont like biracial boys?
Asked Feb 26, 2014
I am not a bi-racial but I saw some buxom black women with those big tits and cute face, the rest I do not like because it doesn't work for. well that's not racist but some system that's how I am made. I do not like very fair skinned women. now coming to the point.

I am a dark male. I am asian. I love women with big boobs and I am quite pervert about them. I see and try to seek them anywhere I could. the reason for this attraction for big boobed white women (or dark women) comes from my genes. I came into loving a white woman with big boobs , blonde and I was dark and I lacked that confidence to think that I was attractive to her. she had a boyfriend and I saw him, he was a far white man. european as she was. but she liked me more than him. so it basically depends on your features is what I have concluded.
she liked me because of my athletic build and my face. though her boyfriend was equally very nice face but he lacked being called a "strong man" if you know what I mean. she was failing her relationship with her. because she didn't like her (though she was with her) with me she was more and more attracted than even white or any black men.

the reason we do not know (both of us). she was even older than me. I was strongly attracted towards her and she to me. we cannot tell even one reason for that.
by the way, in years I concluded that women like men with dark features. especially in my case as I told I lacked confidence before. but her attraction for me gave me a reason to present myself better. for ex. cut hair, keep clean, dress well etc. but these are just make up. because after all she liked me as I was.
Answered Mar 01, 2016
Edited Mar 01, 2016
It's been suggested by some that black women with lighter skin find ... "Once you get told that every single second, and being young as I was at the time, I just didn't likeThere could be darker-skinned women that are just as talented but fairer skinned you're prettier in the eyes of men - and we accept it.
Answered Oct 25, 2018
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Answered Oct 26, 2018
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