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Hey guys,

I posted this question a couple of times because I want a few more answers. Hope you guys don't mind:)

Thanx a lot to the people that answered my previous questions:) Anyway, in my previous questions I explained that there is this boy that goes to my school who always teases me constantly whenever he sees me. He hasn't called me by my name in a long time and just says 'ewww, it's you' or 'hey person' every time he sees me; his face sometimes turns red. He usually says it with a smirk on his face.But sometimes after he gets his sarcasm out of his system, we kind of joke around and chill. Some of the people who answered my question said that he might have a crush on me; they said boys try to hide their emotions by being rude.

But some people told me at school that he is dating a girl who is like 2-3 years older than him; she's like 16 or 17. Since he might have a girlfriend, I don't know if this is true, why does he still continue teasing me? It's kind of getting annoying and starting to bother me. I try to act nice to him by complimenting him but he just goes, 'ok...'. It gets kind of awkward. Please tell me how to respond to him when this happens or how to get him to like me, even as a friend. If you give me genuine advice, I will try my best to answer your questions.

Thanx a bunch!!
Asked Feb 25, 2014
hi. personally I think that he gets a bit awekward around u. he may have a little crush on u or he may dislike u for something uve done in the past? the only way to find out is to ask him, but if he wasnt interested in u then he wouldnt speak to u. hope I helped. plz can u answer my question. thanx
Answered Feb 25, 2014
He might like you. Normally when boys playfully tease you, it means they like you in some way. Sometimes its a friend way, other times its more than that. It really just depends on thr guy. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you though, I know that. Check if he does it with any other girl, if not, it could mean he has a littlr crush on you. You should get to know him more
Answered Feb 25, 2014
I understand how it can be confusing. I am sorry for you about that. My advice would be to analyze who he is and if you would like to spend more time together. Basically, figure out if he is worth your time. If he isn't, then kindly ask him to stop teasing you so much. If he is the kind of guy you would like to be around more, see, first, if he treats other girls this same way. If so, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. If he doesn't treat other girls this way, then maybe try and come up with ways to talk to him like he talks to you. Don't try to change his conversation style to fit yours. Try coming up with ways to compliment him that aren't so straight forward. So in this stage, get to know him better. But don't message/text/whatever-kind-of-technology-type-chat to him all the time. Maybe at first, but then let him try to contact you. It will show you he cares. If he doesn't start conversations try to talk to him in person more. So after you get to know each other better, ask him if he really is dating this other girl. If yes, then leave your relationship at the friend stage and be ready to support him in anyway that he might need. But don't be clingy. Then, if their relationship doesn't work out, after a few days, let him know how you have felt about him, ONLY if you still feel that way about him. If you are still content to leave it at a friendship that is not a bad thing either!
Answered Mar 08, 2014
Maybe he likes u, but also maybe he likes u and he doesn't even know it! He might be hiding it though, but don't start teasing him either, or else it'll be awkward when u stop. Maybe get in some place where no one else is near ans see if he says anything then, cuz he might just be doing that so his friends don't think he's a "weirdo" or something cuz he likes u. Just start talking to him or something, but don't like pull him into some place you're alone or else he'll thing u really need to talk about something. If he keeps teasing, (you really don't have to) maybe u can tell him u like him,(if u like him) I don't know. Oh well, good luck! :)
Answered Mar 24, 2014
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Answered Mar 24, 2014
Ok the only way to find out his true feelings. Is by asking him straight out but not tooo obvious. Ok so when you guys are joking around and everything . You could be like. Says the guy whose dating a girl 3 years older. And watch for his reaction. His faciall expression should give it all away. Also you could say. When your just chilling together. So I heard that your dating a girl 3 years older. If he asks why you asking. Be like "I've always wanted to ask a guy how it feels like to date a older girl?" Then he shouldn't think anything of it. Don't make it obvious that you like him though. Just shrug and give no giddy feelings just curious friendship feelings. If he says he wouldn't know. THen he definitely is single. Or he is hiding it because he likes you and hopes you don't find out. Or you could approach him like this. "Hey I heard you were dating someone older than you." He'll most likely getting curious at the question. THen be like, "just everyones been talking about it, so I wanted to ask, How does it feel to date a girl older than you? Just always been curious why guys date older girls sometimes." Then leave it at that... Everything else should just flow through
Answered Jan 20, 2015
Hey he probably likes you I would talk to him alone and ask him why and please answer my question thanks😊😊
Answered Jul 05, 2015
WEll, ONE: DONT EVER say that a guy "Being mean to you is a sign of showing he lieks you" Thats like sating abuse is ok, and I just hate that.
TWO: I went through a simialir problem with this one guy. We were texting one day and I wasn't sure if he had a girlfriend, so I asked him indirectly by saying: "HOw long have you and ur gf been together?" And he (unfortunatly) replied with 8 months. It could go either way. That way it seems like your interested in HIM rather than interested IN him. if that makes sense. Hope I helped and if u need more help just ask. PLease answer any of my qs preferably ,y most recent thanks
Answered Jul 05, 2015
He may started being weird around you because he likes you and he feels uncomfortable, so he says those things because it makes him feel better and makes him not like you a little less. Hope this made sense.
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Answered Aug 06, 2015

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